Company Information

  • Nordic Trustee takes care of third-party financial entitlements on a contract basis. Its primary function is to act as trustee for the investors in interest-bearing securities.
  • The Group has established dedicated trustee companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and also has a representative in Iceland.
  • Nordic Trustee is commissioned to perform services in connection with 2,200 current assignments for bond and certificate loans, with an underlying nominal value in excess of NOK 1,100 billion. The assignments are divided between more than 500 issuers.
  • In addition to its role as trustee, Nordic Trustee, through the company NT Services, acts as listing agent and agent for service of process, as well as providing escrow services, the safe-keeping of deposited source codes and account management services.
  • Nordic Trustee provides surety solutions for occupational pension schemes through the company NT Pensjon. 
  • Nordic Trustee offers electronic solutions for the provision of information on securities to the Nordic money market through the company Stamdata.
  • Through the part-owned company Nordic Bond Pricing, estimated market prices for bonds are offered on a daily basis.
  • Nordic Trustee is owned primarily by Nordic banks, life insurance companies and investment firms.