Directors and shareholders

 Board of Directors Nordic Trustee Holding ASA and Nordic Trustee ASA
Leif Ola Rød Chairman
Hans Aasnæs Director
Anne Gro Sundby Director
Eldbjørg Sture Director
Cato A Holmsen Director


Board of Directors  Nordic Trustee & Agency AB (Sweden)
Ragnar Sjoner Chairman
Hans Bernhard Lind Director
Christoffer Andersson Director


Board of Directors Nordic Trustee  A/S (Denmark)
Ragnar Sjoner Chairman
Hans Bernhard Lind Director
Jo Forfang Director


 Board of Directors Nordic Trustee OY (Finland)
Ragnar Sjoner Chairman
Hans Bernhard Lind Director
Jo Forfang Director
Shareholders Nordic Trustee Holding ASA

No. of shares



DNB Life Insurance ASA

26 214



Nordea Bank AB (publ) branch Norway

11 223




11 175



Frimal AS

11 000



Storebrand Life Insurance AS

10 490



Skagen AS

9 415



JP Morgan Clearing Corp

8 510 


7,89 % 

Pareto AS

7 415



Law Debenture Trust Management Ltd.

4 470 



Nordic Trustee Holding ASA (treasury shares)

1 745



Sparebanken Vestfold

1 490



 Pershing LLC

1 300



 KLB European Private Bankers SA

1 100 



 Delmo SPA




ABG Sundal Collier ASA, Norway




DNB Asset Management AS





107 837




Articles of Association for Nordic Trustee Holding ASA (orgnr 911 721 287)

(Last amended: 22. april 2015)


§ 1

The Company’s name is Nordic Trustee Holding ASA. The Company is a public limited liability company.

§ 2

The Company’s registered office is located in Oslo municipality.

§ 3

The object of the Company is to own shares or interests in companies that wholly or partly operate trustee activities in financial and other contractual matters and to engage in similar or associated activities or the performance of other services.

§ 4

The Company has a share capital of NOK 10,783,700, allocated between 107,837 shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 100, fully paid up and registered by name. The Company’s shares shall be registered in the Norwegian Central Securities Depository.

§ 5

Transfer of shares requires the consent of the Board.

§ 6

The company’s Board shall comprise three to seven members subject to a more detailed resolution of the General Meeting. Members of the Board are elected for one year at a time. The Chairman of the Board is elected by the General Meeting.

§ 7

The General Meeting’s election of the Chairman of the Board, Board members, Chairman of the Nominations Committee, Nominations Committee members, the auditor and the General Meeting’s resolution on remuneration paid to employee representatives shall be facilitated by a Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee shall comprise a Chairman and two members, who shall be elected by the General Meeting with a term of office of one year. The Nominations Committee’s recommendations shall be presented to the General Meeting.

§ 8

The Chairman of the Board alone, two members jointly or the Managing Director alone may sign for the Company. The Board may grant power of attorney.

§ 9

The Company shall have a Managing Director.

§ 10

The Annual General Meeting shall be held within six months of the end of each financial year. The Annual General Meeting shall review and vote on the following matters:

a) Approval of the annual financial statements and Report from the Board of Directors, including the distribution of dividends.

b) Establishment of remuneration paid to the Board, Nominations Committee and the Company’s auditor.

c) Other matters which, pursuant to legislation or the Company’s Articles of Association, fall to be reviewed by the General Meeting.

d) Notice of the Annual General Meeting, the annual report and accounts, auditor’s report and other relevant documents shall be sent to the shareholders. The Board of Directors may decide that documents referring to business to be transacted at the General Meeting not be sent to the shareholders if they have been made available on the Company’s website. This also applies to documents that are to be included in or attached to the notice of the General Meeting by law. A shareholder may nevertheless request that documents concerning business to be transacted at the General Meeting be sent to him or her

§ 11

The provisions of the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act apply unchanged in all other respects.