Direct Lending and loan administration

The drive for other sources of financing has not only created opportunities in the Bond market but also created non securitized lending (Direct Lending) opportunities for alternative lenders and more particularly private debt funds, pension funds and insurance companies. Both in bilateral loan agreements and in syndicated club deals, Nordic Trustee can provide loan administration support so that investors and investment managers can focus on investments instead of administration. Nordic Trustees Direct Lending and loan administration services are module based and can be tailored after the specific needs in the specific loan arrangement.

Facility Agent
The Facility Agent’s role is to manage all administrative aspects of the loan. A major component of the administration function is to facilitate the ongoing communication between the lenders and the borrower. As Facility Agent we:

  • Hold loan documentation and forwards notices
  • Maintain a register of creditors
  • Organizing meetings
  • Coordinates, waivers and amendments
  • Monitor compliance and undertakings and follow up on Compliance Certificates


Security Agent
Nordic Trustee can hold security on behalf of one or more creditors within different jurisdiction. By having a neutral independent third party to hold the security on behalf of creditors also enables the change of creditors without having to reregister the security and thereby reducing cost. As Security Agent we:

  • Hold security on behalf of investors
  • Control and file of security documents
  • Ensure security
  • Maintain document archive for security, electronic filing
  • Release/enforce security


Calculation Agent
Nordic Trustee offers independent calculation for transactions where the amounts are to be based on underlying factors such as interest rates, indices or similar. In addition, Nordic Trustee offers control of already completed calculation agreements where the acting calculation agent is also a party to the transaction. As Calculation Agent we:

  • Provide daily calculation of interest rates.
  • Automatic e-mails with interest adjustments and payment instructions to Issuers and Investors
  • Monitoring of coupon payments 

Direct Lending