How to proceed


  1. Download the agreement
  2. Customise the agreement and highlight changes
  3. Send the agreement by e-mail to for approval by Nordic Trustee ASA    
  4. After approval, the agreement is printed in triplicate. The agreements are signed by the licensor and licencee and sent by post to Nordic Trustee:

    Nordic Trustee
    Source code
    PO Box 1470 Vika
    NO-0116 OSLO
  1. The agreements are signed by Nordic Trustee and assigned a deposit number. A copy of the agreement is returned to each party.


Submission of source code escrow

  1. Source code cannot be submitted until the agreement is approved and filed at Nordic Trustee
  2. The source code and documentation are to be packed in suitable packaging (hereinafter called “the Shipment”) 
  3. The Shipment is to be sealed so that it cannot be opened. This is the deposit itself, and is not to be opened by Nordic Trustee.
  4. The Shipment is to be marked as follows: Licensor’s and licensee’s names, the deposit number and date of deposit (on the outside of the package).
  5. The Shipment and any covering letter are to be placed in an envelope marked “Source code deposit” and sent to:

    Nordic Trustee ASA
    PO Box 1470 Vika
    NO-0116 OSLO