Norwegian Bond Market Report 2018

Dear all,

We are proud to share the first edition of our Norwegian Bond Market Report.  

The Norwegian bond market has become one of the largest and most active in Europe. It represents an important source of funding for a full range of issuers from municipalities to small and medium sized corporates. Based on our unique database, Nordic Trustee and Stamdata have put together a report with the purpose of highlighting some key market developments the past few years.  

You will find the report attached, but it is also available for download at our LinkedIn page (

We hope you find this report insightful. Please note that the illustrated data only represents a small share of the data available. Additional statistics and analysis can be tailored to your specific needs by contacting our team of data researchers (

The report also provides a preview of Nordic Trustee’s new logo and visual profile, which will be fully implemented later this spring.

Best regards,


Cato A Holmsen

 Bond Market Report