Other services

Nordic Trustee offers a range of escrow services in connection with transactions between two parties, for example, by holding transaction documents, bank accounts, securities and security documents.

Security agent

Nordic Trustee can hold security for financial claims on behalf of one or more creditors within different jurisdiction. This provides creditors with a representative for security established in each country.

Payment agent

Nordic Trustee can act as a payment agent in cases where a settlement is to be distributed to several parties, either as consecutive instalments or as a one-off amount.

Calculation agent

Nordic Trustee offers independent calculation for transactions where the amounts are to be based on underlying factors such as interest rates, indices or similar. In addition, Nordic Trustee offers control of already completed calculation agreements where the acting calculation agent is also a party to the transaction.

Process agent

Nordic Trustee can act as a process agent on behalf of Nordic or international borrowers, and as such act as a middleman in the processes of issuing formal notices or exchanging documents between creditors and debtors.

Administration of companies

Nordic Trustee offers management and administration services for limited companies, foundations and Single Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

Registry services

Nordic Trustee offers registry services for electronic recording of unit owners, members and other forms of rights holder records. Where financial rights and interests are connected with recorded information, Nordic Trustee can offer safe and secure registry services of these.

Incentive schemes

Nordic Trustee can safeguard the interests of rights holders of bonus agreements, profit sharing agreements, share option schemes, share allocation schemes, agreements on deferred conditional salary etc., vis-à-vis company boards and owners.