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We offer a portfolio of user friendly and feature rich digital platforms aimed to streamline your everyday workflow.


The leading news and marked data site for debt instruments in the Nordic market. Containing corporate actions, legal documents, fundamental data, reporting data, analytical tools and more.

Stamdata Stamdata

Manager Portal

Process automation tool for managers to register and share bond data with relevant parties in the issuance process, keep track of the entire process and generate needed documents.

Manager Portal Manager Portal

Issuer Portal

Loan administration platform for issuers of bonds in the Nordic market. Manage your portfolio through automation, process and risk control during the lifetime of your bond issues.

Issuer Portal Issuer Portal

Voting Portal

Financial advisors to the bond issuers get real time access to the voting status as tabulated by Nordic Trustee.

Voting Portal Voting Portal

Loan Portal

Loan Portal provides borrowers and lenders with deal specific information about their private debt transactions facilitated by Nordic Trustee.

Loan Portal Loan Portal