As facility agent we support the parties in loan arrangements by handling all administrative aspects of the transaction, enabling the parties to focus on their respective core activities, and by providing a digital online tool "Loan Portal" free of charge as part of our service offering.

We act as facility agent in all types of financing, including term loans, senior loans, unitranche debt, mezzanine finance, borrowing based finance, acquisition finance and real estate finance.

In September 2022 we opened up a new office in Frankfurt, Germany, to support the increasing direct lending and private debt business in Northern and Continental Europe.

Our services include:

  • Advising on set-up of the transaction
  • Reviewing finance documents
  • Collecting and confirming conditions precedent for disbursement
  • Maintaining register of lenders and assist in transfers
  • Reporting on loan data
  • Providing and sending calculations of interest and other payments
  • Coordinating waivers and amendments
  • Monitoring borrower’s covenant reporting
  • Managing payments between borrowers and lenders
  • Digital online tool “Loan Portal” providing real-time access to information such as:
      • Facility Agreements and Facilities
      • Interest Calculations (historic and upcoming)
      • Drawdowns
      • Capitalisations and Repayments
      • Commitments and Commitment Fees
      • Upcoming Events (compliance schedule and payment dates) and a complete Deal Calendar
      • and more..

More information about the Loan Portal can be found on the Loan Portal landing page (link) and in the Loan Portal marketing brochure (link).

Would you like to know how we can assist you in achieving the desired results in your transactions? Please get in touch.

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