Nordic Trustee launch the Issuer Portal to bond issuers in Norway

After a successful Issuer Portal launch to more than 120 bond issuers in Sweden earlier this year, we are excited to now offer the Issuer Portal to our bond issuers in Norway. The portal is a bond administration platform, developed and designed by Nordic Trustee in collaboration with Nordic bond issuers, with the purpose to help issuers gain overall process control.

Product information:

We will during the coming months continuously onboard bond issuers on the Portal, and as an issuer you will receive an email from us once your account is ready. You will then be able to access your bonds through a digital interface from anywhere at any time, and you will quickly discover the portal’s ability to reduce many operational risks, save time and keep administration efficient.

The Issuer Portal comes with features such as:

  • Instrument & portfolio overview
  • Floating & fixed interest rate calculations
  • Export to Excel support
  • Cashflow calculations
  • Future events calendar with notifications
  • Central finance document storage
  • Bond security package overview

The Issuer Portal currently supports Norwegian and Swedish bonds and will soon be made available to issuers in the other Nordic countries.

For more information or questions regarding portal access, please contact us at