Nordic Trustee releases its Issuer Portal to issuers of Finnish bonds

The Issuer Portal launch in Finland follows the previous two releases in Sweden and Norway during 2020. A few Finnish bond issuers have already received access to the portal, making it 550 issuers with Issuer Portal access as of today. Our plan is to continue and complete the rollout to existing Finnish issuers throughout February.

“We foresee the portal helping Finnish issuers, especially first time and mid-tier issuers, with simplifying the administration of their bond loans. This will lower yet another barrier of entry for issuers and continue to make the market more digital and efficient”, says Henri Kaasalainen, country manager with Nordic Trustee Finland.

“The team has done a great job in making the Issuer Portal ready for market launch in Finland this quickly. Finland as a region has a growing potential for us and we see us strengthening our position as Pan-Nordic leader through this launch”, says Christoffer Andersson, Sweden & Finland CEO at Nordic Trustee

The Issuer Portal comes with features such as:

  • Instrument & portfolio overview
  • Floating & fixed interest rate calculations
  • Export to Excel support
  • Cashflow calculations
  • Future events calendar with notifications
  • Central finance document storage
  • Bond security package overview

Currently the portal supports Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish bonds, with Danish to be added soon.

For more information or questions regarding portal access for Finnish bond issuers, please contact our country manager Henri Kaasalainen,+358 400 202 474,, or our portals team at

Nordic Trustee’s Issuer Portal can be found here.