Stamdata designated as a community-critical organization in Norway

Our customers rely on us to continuously provide them with high quality fixed income market data – also in times of turmoil. Stamdata is operating as normal and prepared to secure daily continuity of our service deliveries either way our community manages to cope with the Covid19-situation. We have activated our contingency plan and intend to continue to carry out our services deliveries in the same way as other Nordic Trustee functions.

As a central and key market data distributor in the Nordic market, providing data to socially critical businesses as well as infrastructure, Stamdata has been designated by the Norwegian authorities as a community-critical organization (Norwegian: samfunnskritisk virksomhed (SKV)). This means employees who are critical to the operations of the company are guaranteed certain exceptions and priorities in relation to government recommendations.

If you require updated BCP – please reach out to Stamdata by email to or by phone to +47 22 87 94 00.

Team Stamdata / Nordic Trustee