Regulatory reporting data

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Through our enhanced feed service we provide clients with special datasets, tailored to help solve clients regulatory reporting requirements. Files can be setup in standard or customizable formats to help meet each customer type’s specific need for internal or external regulatory reporting.

A sample selection of our services:

Stamdata helps asset and investment managers accurately assess UCITS compliance and reporting in an automated fashion.

Solvency II
Stamdata provides derived Solvency II metrics in a standard or custom delivery to clients, enabling auto-filling of their reports.
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Stamdata delivers regulatory ratings in a standard feed, enhancing clients data sourcing and possibility to automate reporting.

Stamdata supply banks with enriched data for capital coverage calculations, such as HQLA categories (Level 1, Level 2A and Level 2B) and related datapoints, allowing clients to automatically calculate and report on LCR.
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Green Bonds
Stamdata can help you in your green bond analysis, providing you classifications of green bond issuers and issues.
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Public Reporting
Stamdata helps enrich and expand clients reporting, such as reporting to the Financial Supervisory Authority and SCB.

Interest Calculations
Stamdata offers access to interest rate calculators, which significantly reduces errors and improves the efficiency with clients.

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