Bank Holiday Calendar

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The Calendar feed is a Stamdata service aimed at helping customers secure reliable bank holiday calendar data in the respective financial market.

Integrate the Bank Holiday Calendar feed into your systems and internal processes to secure accurate holiday schedules, cashflow calculations, settlement instructions and payment details. This reduces the operational risks that can arise through internal date generation and helps your company avoid significant errors and losses.


  • FEED – standalone feed for integration into your systems
  • DATA FORMATS – custom data formats to suit your needs
  • FORWARD LOOKING – accurate and reliable information
    about business and non-business days up to 150 – 200 years
    into the future
  • SIMPLICITY – up to date information which reflects the
    latest information available about future holiday dates and
    business days

For more information about our this service, please contact us at or reach out to one of our sales contacts.

Download product sheet