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eFIRDS - A European Financial Instruments Reference Data System

eFIRDS.eu is a lookup portal covering the entire European capital market, which provides access to reference data for regulatory data compliance needs. You can access more than 34 million instruments from 48,000 issuers, listed on 460+ European trading venues.

The portal enables you to look up any listed financial instrument and/or company in Europe to find regulatory data points such as LEI, ISIN, CFI and MIC codes. In addition, you are able to verify if the instrument(s) is listed at a recognized trading venue in Europe.

A user can monitor new instruments based on your personal filters, including market, type, and currency. Track your favourite instruments and stay up to date on daily changes in instrument reference data.

eFirds.eu also includes an overview of a company’s corporate structure. You can navigate Legal Entity Information (LEI) including relationships linked to issued instruments and analyse issuer exposure across the corporate/capital structure.

The data available in the portal is updated daily from key golden source databases in Europe, such as ESMA FIRDS, FCA FIRDS, GLEIF, and other.

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