Bond reference data

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Stamdata provides reference data on more than 45,000 Nordic fixed income securities daily. In addition we have an extensive database of bond loan agreements on active and matured bonds.

Our collection of data is multi-sourced and go through a rigorous scrubbing, cleaning and validation process before it is normalized and distributed on to our clients. By using the most recent technology we are able to automate much of our processes to make sure to meet our clients’ deadlines.

The experienced Stamdata team of analysts, with long history of working with Nordic issuers, can help support our clients in detailed queries if the need arises.

​Ensure you have an automated and streamlined process in place fed with the highest quality corporate actions data for Nordic fixed income securities. Come speak to us at Stamdata to learn more about how we can help you.

​Examples of the data we provide:

Instrument reference data
​Daily validated and updated instrument reference data like ISIN, ticker, region/sector/industry class, security type, risk type, interest type, reference rate, calculated interest, coupon, day-count conventions, program type, oustanding/face/principal amounts, and more.

Corporate actions data
​Corporate actions are complex to manage and often require manual interventions which can increase your operational costs, risks, and cause you reputational damage. We can help you get on top of corporate action events occuring in the Nordic fixed income market:

  • Sign up to receive intra or end-of-day updated corporate actions data for Nordic fixed income securities. We source our data from multiple sources, preferrably directly from the issuing banks, which we have a history of long and close relationships with.
  • Our analyst team consisting of Nordic fixed income market experts make sure the data is cleansed, validated and normalized before provided on to our clients.
  • Corporate action events can have many downstream effects, such as impact on trading limits and regulatory compliance reporting. A few examples of key events we can help provide you data for are:
    • Outstanding amount changes
    • Name changes
    • Taps / redemptions
    • Calls
    • Defaults
    • Amendments to bond terms

ESG data
Analyze and research the Nordic market for sustainable bonds using our green bond indicator and statistics database. Make easy and quick adhoc filtered searches using our website login at, or subscribe to our direct feed or API-delivery to automate your workflow.

​Review and download a bond loan’s full terms & conditions documentation, available on each instrument, in our database. Find out which covenant types are most frequently used, which key metrics issuers have to report on and how frequently, security package structures for secured bonds, if there are inter-creditor agreements in place, and much more.

Delivery options:

Stamdata web is our most flexible and easy to use portal service for individual use. Use it to dig deeper into our broad database containing reference data on over 45,000 instruments.

  • Use the Statistics module to analyze the market based on your own parameters or our pre-defined parameters with easy exportable-to-Excel functionality.
  • Use our Deal Monitor to stay updated with the most recently announced bond issues in the Nordic market.
  • Track arrangers and leading banks activity and performance in the different types of market segments, sectors, currencies, etc.
  • More information about how to sign up to Stamdata web is available here.

Feed or API
We provide multiple options for download automation, such as:

  • Feed (sftp): daily file delivery, intra- or at end-of-day,  delta or full universe update. Custom delivery times can be setup if required.
  • REST-API: easy to use and connect to for instant download of data.
  • Custom setups: Our team of analysts sit on many years of experience working with market data and consultancy. The team can help tailor files and file deliveries to suit you specific requirements, independent on your profile (client or partner).
  • For more information about our automated delivery options, please contact us at or reach out to one of our sales contacts.
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