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Stamdata is the leading source of Nordic fixed income market information. We provide our clients access to the most complete database available in the Nordic market with multiple delivery and accessability options.

Our expertise is the Nordic market where we have spent the last 20 years focusing on bonds and other fixed income instruments. With long experience from acting as service provider and infrastructure partner to banks, asset managers and other key market participants (about us) we are not solely a specialist in market data. In addition to our core strengths, we carry with us a deep understanding of the importance and ways to deliver and distribute data, create customized datasets and integrate with our clients’ system partners.

The market data we provide is continously enriched, updated and delivered to clients intra- and/or at end-of-day to meet our clients need for timely updates and reliable market data. We provide multiple options for delivery and distribution with high level of automation, which helps clients streamline their workflow and remove operational risks.

Market data quality and expertise are key differentiators of ours. Our data sourcing leverages high level of automation using the most recent technology, making sure the cleaning, scrubbing, normalization and validation of data, are all made with the highest level of accuracy.

Over time, we have developed close relationships with our clients, which has empowered us come up with new innovative ideas for services and solutions. Please click into one of the following services to learn more about how we can help your firm:

Please also visit our Portals page to learn more about Stamdata web and our broader Portals offering.

Download product sheet